Love In Darkness

Screenshot_2018-02-28-10-32-06-1What love feels like?Can love happen twice?No,I won’t fall in love again.I won’t let anyone hurt me again.All these questions keep on floating in the darkness of heart and mind.
But what if you met the darkness?What if you find yourself closer darkness?
Can you fall in love with the darkness?
The answer is yes.
And I fell in love in darkness
The brokenness
The pain
The emptiness
And I fell in love again
Strange it is,
I didn’t demand love,I didn’t ask for it,
It reached me by itself
Bt the law of attraction
The law I read in ‘The Secret’
Now my heart is dialled with that secret
Secret of being in love again-
With the love that does not demand relationship
With love that does not want to tag itself in the names of girlfriends and boyfriends
This love is free from all chaia
This love doesn’t expect much of things
This love has made me see my dvara more beautifully
Because I am in love with pain
Love does not always mean to be happy
Sometimes ,when you want to heal someone else
When you feel no pain being in your pains
You want to free the other person from his world darkness
Thats when ‘Love’ tastes again
Who says love touches you at the happiest of moments in your life
It touches you in your darkness
When two people breathe the same darkness
Love breathes when they want to fight with each others’s darkness.
And love penetrates deeply
Just like pain….

©Nidhi Kala



कमबख्त इश्क़ में गिरी थी
कुछ बरस पहले
लगता है फिर से बेपरवाह होने लगी हूँ
मग़र डर लगता है कदम बढ़ाने में
पिछले ज़ख्मों का धुँआ
कहीं ख़ाक ना कर दे
इश्क़ की सरहद को।।


Dear Virtual Boyfriend

Dear Virtual Boyfriend,
There are days I just want you to hold my hand
And tell me things will run smooth
When I am wrapped around anxiety
Just give me a tighter hug
And tell me you are my paradise
When I feel to isolate myself from the world
Just whisper your soft voice into my ears
And tell me, you will remain my ‘always’
I wish you to walk with me in my pains
Hold me to infinity
No promises and forevers
Just a path between you and me
And the bond that stays stronger
Love that grows each day with you
I wish you to stay with me
Alas! You are just my illusion
My Virtual Boyfriend……



Letter To The Girl I Left Behind

Screenshot_20171214-102759You are hiding somewhere behind the bushes” “Bushes the society calls boundaries” I wish to meet you again.My family wants to meet you again.My school friends want to meet you again. It feels ages you left me in the discomfort of the world to fight with the people you were hiding yourself from.This new girl is just opposite to you in every way.But I miss you a lot.Your innocence is the paradise this girl can never overrule.Your patience,your calmness,your smile,your coldness,your innocence.I miss the girl who carried a heart of gold. I miss everything.You used to be good to every person,you were young enough to understand the pains of the world yet you never failed to bring smiles on others’ faces.You lived for the happiness of others.You were a good friend,a good daughter ,binding relationships together.I miss this girl who lived for for the unknown happiness.The happiness that not always belonged to her.People used to curse you for your silence,for your shyness but now I miss your silence that could comfort this girl. With lapse of time the world forgot you except some people.The new girl I found is bold,harder enough to love,agressive,impatient,carrying a heart of stone,heartless,with no feelings for anyone,with broken relationships carrying the burden of life.The world loves this carefree girl for her openness , for her boldness but no one wants to be in love with her. I have been waiting for you return to me.I wish we both could meet someday and end the chaos . I wish I could meet the girl I left behind….

‘Ehsaas Lafz Bezubaan’

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​टूटे दिल की नुमाइश करूँ

या मुस्कुराते चेहरे पर पर्दा करूं

दर्द-ऐ-दिल का फलसफा इतना है बस

रक़्स भी इसमें, मौसिकी भी

खलिश है ऐसी की 

न मैख़ाने में  छिप सके 

न तलबगार को मिल सके ।।