Women:Victim or Fighter


U are supposed to wear traditional clothes,you should not laugh out loud when outside,dont talk to men and bla bla bla
This is what our society calls are.
We live in a technological era where one side people like amir khan is supporting wrestler sisters to show their life and the importance of girls.
On the other side the same country and society is mistreating women.Actually mistreating is a very small word for all those cowards who tried to force themselves on women the new year eve.
These people think women as innocent tools to use and after their work is accomplished to throw them as garbage.These people are a great abuse on bring called a human and more than that the demons are those who enjoy the screams and the pain of a suffering girl and do nothing.They just make videos to upload on YouTube and stand mute seeing the whole sequence as a daily soap.
And afterwards these are only the people the so called society who blames women and memorizes her of her limits.
Shame society shame…!!!!
If those creepy  shameless people are responsible for a women to make her victim then this society is nonetheless.


Depressed by the people’s words,societal pressure and insult of family.
These all factors make her commit suicide and the most funny part is these people who were a day back were abusing her are sad today saying :”She shouldn’t have done this.”
“She should have thought of her family”
“She should have taken the help of police”
So women these coward people are nonetheless than those rapists who pressurise you on both internal and external level to kill yourself
And it’s for all those girls who are suffering from this sitiayion or have suffered bt never raised their voice.
Girls your self respect is yours and no one has the right to beat it ,to snatch it from you.
No society exists in front of self respect and if you have to achieve the lost self respect you have to fight.
Fight against these bitchy rapists and this society who is our murderer.
So stand up and fight…!!



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