A letter to the one whom I loved..

Dear love,
Every night you echo in my dreams.T he dreams that once filled in me the beauty of love have now turned me horrific.Your absence sometimes irritates me.But the truth my invoice shouts “you are always present in me”-in my sorrows,in my pain,i n my verses,in the air I breathe,t he stars I gaze.I find you moving with me every then and now.I wish you could understand the battle I find between 11p.m. to 5a.m.I wish you could understand the pain,the overflowing tears behind my smile.I wish you could understand that I wasn’t faking my emotions to you,i t was just that my emotions could weaken me in front of you.


For you it might be a hit and trial but for me it was an endless journey.Y ou kept your promise of being loyal but I failed in mine-i failed to be myself again!!You left me with some words that stabbed my soul.Y ou departed saying it could never be same again.She smiled with a heart full of burden.T he burden that broke her out in tears she wept on her lonliness,in her verses.Y ou tries to heal her wounds you gifted her so that you are never blamed for it what you did to her.The injuries you ga e were so deep.
Thanks a ton….!!
For a beautiful life longing gift I will always carry wherever I go.You always said I am beautiful but the broken pieces made me more beautiful.You said my eyes always had something to say but the tears that shed had a mystery to slay.Y ou said never to change but your love changed me and I could never be the same again.
You wanted the love to shower in my life again.A las!the love wanted was only you.Y ou wanted me to give love a second chance but stepping again in the world of love is rhe phobia you gave.
I wish I could myself,my life a second chance.I wish I could love again..!!


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