The mask that exposed

A mask is something that everyone wears around and fakes the world.Some wear the mask of greediness,some of anger,some of stubbornness,some of kindness,some of cruelness,some of love,some of lust and some are deeply gummed with that mask that no one can identify who they really are.

Reyna was a sweet little girl who wished to see everyone happy and spread the happiness.An innocent soul was all she had unknown to the evils of real world.She went to stay at her aunt’s house during her vacations.Reyna and her cousin Shakti shared same age and a good bond.It was just like the other nights , she went sleeping with her cousins Shakti and Riya.When all were asleep she experienced some weirdness she was going through.As she opened her eyes to see around everything was back to normal , when she slept , she felt a filthy touch of someone as if it was scronching her soul.But whenever she opened her eyes everything was normal.She assumed it to be her misunderstanding or a bad dream.Some days passed , she used to experience the same thing daily and one fine night she found out what exactly was happening with her.This whole incident trembled her.It was her cousin Shakti whose filthy touch was irritating her.

” The mask of a pure relationship fell off.The mask of fakism and love was exposed.When lust accommodates love it kills lives apart, wrecks the relationships.”

Exposure to the real world can be trembling for one , a bitter one but very important to survive.”


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