The Night He Left

It was another usual day for me.I was continuously staring at my phone to receive your wishes ‘All The Best,My love’.Somewhere hopes were dying inside.I had become used to your ignorance or actually my fault of over-understanding.

It had been a week again,no phone call,not even a single text from you.The hangout plans were always cancelled by you.You said you were busy, so I didn’t disturb.
Suddenly a blink of phone helped me think its your call.And yes I predicted right,you finally called.I decided to be angry with you but your voice healed my anger and I forgot everything.That day there was something different. I didn’t knew what it was.You said you want to meet me.I was on cloud 9 hearing this.I told you to meet at night .The flowers were blossoming in my heart thinking we would meet after so long.But there was something I was restless about.
When night came,we met and nervousness was clinching as if it was our first meeting.It was silence all around.We walked on the empty lanes where we could just talk.You started speaking and I just wanted to listen to you.Your words gave me solace.That night was the night you spoke and you spoke a lot making me deaf.The love in my heart was getting “fonder” but you said this relationship is dead now so you don’t feel the need to stay anymore.You said I have fallen deeply ,I should haven’t.You just said “Don’t Expect”and left. 

That was the night when you left.

हवाएं भी चुप-सी थी,चाँद भी वाकिफ मेरे हाल से था

कहि अल्फ़ाज़ों ने फिर,बाण मोहब्बत के समंदर पर चलाया था


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