Is bitter way to better or worst?

When we hear of the word bitter , it gives us a sense of negative vibes ; something that is not good.So its a natural thought that comes for bitter is always but no bitter can be a healing one.

Let us take an example of bitter gourd , the most common of all.Kids usually don’t like toot because it’s bitter but the properties it bears heal us.

Similarly , bitter is not always bad.It sometimes gives us much that helps us to grow more.We grow , we love , we meet people , we chase dreams, we love ,we are heartbroken and we are left in vein.All this is a part of human life.If we could not face the factors of bitterness on our lives , then this means we have not lived our lives.Bitter things do come with a positivity inbuilt.Experience teaches us all.Everyone of us might have shared some bitter and tragic experiences at some point of our life.These experiences help us to become a more powerful and strong person

ये रंजिश है ज़माने की,या है आज़माइश खुदा की

दर्द दिए हैं,खुशियों का हुजूम भी है साथ

कारवाँ चलता रहेगा आर या पार।।


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