Pink:The Colour of Man Or Women

From childhood we are taught the difference ; difference which tells what makes one a girl and a boy.Girls play with dolls and kitchen sets are not the boy’s type of thing to be played with.Pink is girl’s colour and a boy wearing pink is shamed.Our Constitution laid laws which said gender discrimination is prohibited.But look where does this discrimination seem ending.If a girl likes to play cricket or shows her interested in wresting she de-moralised.If she has male friends more than the female ones she is criticised.If a guy wants to take cooking as his career he is discouraged.The ‘Pink’ in everyone’s life has lead in building bounded person who does not want to share himself/herself with the society bolte he shows his interests in being societal.

Is loving the ‘Pink’ of life so deceiving for both girls and boys.’Pink’ can be only a girl’s favourite and only she has the right to cook wash clothes or only a boy can play football and make male friends ;all this is just a myth created by us,the society.

Its this society who does not let a person build his opinions.Yes ,I love pink so what ? Am I not a boy?Should I be ashamed of it?But why?Because ‘Pink’ is my favourite?

The role of pink is soothing the hearts beyond gender.The colour says that it can heal what a heart was longing for.’Pink’,the colour of divinity, eternity and love.Pink means falling in love not to create enemity in the little hearts .

So come on.let’s cherish the pink:

Pink is grandeour,its essence is euphoric

Hatred is the antonym the pink covers it with.

Fall for the pink :boy or a girl.

Just fall for it to never negate the heart.


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