Love In Darkness

Screenshot_2018-02-28-10-32-06-1What love feels like?Can love happen twice?No,I won’t fall in love again.I won’t let anyone hurt me again.All these questions keep on floating in the darkness of heart and mind.
But what if you met the darkness?What if you find yourself closer darkness?
Can you fall in love with the darkness?
The answer is yes.
And I fell in love in darkness
The brokenness
The pain
The emptiness
And I fell in love again
Strange it is,
I didn’t demand love,I didn’t ask for it,
It reached me by itself
Bt the law of attraction
The law I read in ‘The Secret’
Now my heart is dialled with that secret
Secret of being in love again-
With the love that does not demand relationship
With love that does not want to tag itself in the names of girlfriends and boyfriends
This love is free from all chaia
This love doesn’t expect much of things
This love has made me see my dvara more beautifully
Because I am in love with pain
Love does not always mean to be happy
Sometimes ,when you want to heal someone else
When you feel no pain being in your pains
You want to free the other person from his world darkness
Thats when ‘Love’ tastes again
Who says love touches you at the happiest of moments in your life
It touches you in your darkness
When two people breathe the same darkness
Love breathes when they want to fight with each others’s darkness.
And love penetrates deeply
Just like pain….

©Nidhi Kala




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