Pink:The Colour of Man Or Women

From childhood we are taught the difference ; difference which tells what makes one a girl and a boy.Girls play with dolls and kitchen sets are not the boy’s type of thing to be played with.Pink is girl’s colour and a boy wearing pink is shamed.Our Constitution laid laws which said gender discrimination is prohibited.But look where does this discrimination seem ending.If a girl likes to play cricket or shows her interested in wresting she de-moralised.If she has male friends more than the female ones she is criticised.If a guy wants to take cooking as his career he is discouraged.The ‘Pink’ in everyone’s life has lead in building bounded person who does not want to share himself/herself with the society bolte he shows his interests in being societal.

Is loving the ‘Pink’ of life so deceiving for both girls and boys.’Pink’ can be only a girl’s favourite and only she has the right to cook wash clothes or only a boy can play football and make male friends ;all this is just a myth created by us,the society.

Its this society who does not let a person build his opinions.Yes ,I love pink so what ? Am I not a boy?Should I be ashamed of it?But why?Because ‘Pink’ is my favourite?

The role of pink is soothing the hearts beyond gender.The colour says that it can heal what a heart was longing for.’Pink’,the colour of divinity, eternity and love.Pink means falling in love not to create enemity in the little hearts .

So come on.let’s cherish the pink:

Pink is grandeour,its essence is euphoric

Hatred is the antonym the pink covers it with.

Fall for the pink :boy or a girl.

Just fall for it to never negate the heart.



Is bitter way to better or worst?

When we hear of the word bitter , it gives us a sense of negative vibes ; something that is not good.So its a natural thought that comes for bitter is always but no bitter can be a healing one.

Let us take an example of bitter gourd , the most common of all.Kids usually don’t like toot because it’s bitter but the properties it bears heal us.

Similarly , bitter is not always bad.It sometimes gives us much that helps us to grow more.We grow , we love , we meet people , we chase dreams, we love ,we are heartbroken and we are left in vein.All this is a part of human life.If we could not face the factors of bitterness on our lives , then this means we have not lived our lives.Bitter things do come with a positivity inbuilt.Experience teaches us all.Everyone of us might have shared some bitter and tragic experiences at some point of our life.These experiences help us to become a more powerful and strong person

ये रंजिश है ज़माने की,या है आज़माइश खुदा की

दर्द दिए हैं,खुशियों का हुजूम भी है साथ

कारवाँ चलता रहेगा आर या पार।।

The Night He Left

It was another usual day for me.I was continuously staring at my phone to receive your wishes ‘All The Best,My love’.Somewhere hopes were dying inside.I had become used to your ignorance or actually my fault of over-understanding.

It had been a week again,no phone call,not even a single text from you.The hangout plans were always cancelled by you.You said you were busy, so I didn’t disturb.
Suddenly a blink of phone helped me think its your call.And yes I predicted right,you finally called.I decided to be angry with you but your voice healed my anger and I forgot everything.That day there was something different. I didn’t knew what it was.You said you want to meet me.I was on cloud 9 hearing this.I told you to meet at night .The flowers were blossoming in my heart thinking we would meet after so long.But there was something I was restless about.
When night came,we met and nervousness was clinching as if it was our first meeting.It was silence all around.We walked on the empty lanes where we could just talk.You started speaking and I just wanted to listen to you.Your words gave me solace.That night was the night you spoke and you spoke a lot making me deaf.The love in my heart was getting “fonder” but you said this relationship is dead now so you don’t feel the need to stay anymore.You said I have fallen deeply ,I should haven’t.You just said “Don’t Expect”and left. 

That was the night when you left.

हवाएं भी चुप-सी थी,चाँद भी वाकिफ मेरे हाल से था

कहि अल्फ़ाज़ों ने फिर,बाण मोहब्बत के समंदर पर चलाया था

The mask that exposed

A mask is something that everyone wears around and fakes the world.Some wear the mask of greediness,some of anger,some of stubbornness,some of kindness,some of cruelness,some of love,some of lust and some are deeply gummed with that mask that no one can identify who they really are.

Reyna was a sweet little girl who wished to see everyone happy and spread the happiness.An innocent soul was all she had unknown to the evils of real world.She went to stay at her aunt’s house during her vacations.Reyna and her cousin Shakti shared same age and a good bond.It was just like the other nights , she went sleeping with her cousins Shakti and Riya.When all were asleep she experienced some weirdness she was going through.As she opened her eyes to see around everything was back to normal , when she slept , she felt a filthy touch of someone as if it was scronching her soul.But whenever she opened her eyes everything was normal.She assumed it to be her misunderstanding or a bad dream.Some days passed , she used to experience the same thing daily and one fine night she found out what exactly was happening with her.This whole incident trembled her.It was her cousin Shakti whose filthy touch was irritating her.

” The mask of a pure relationship fell off.The mask of fakism and love was exposed.When lust accommodates love it kills lives apart, wrecks the relationships.”

Exposure to the real world can be trembling for one , a bitter one but very important to survive.”


#depression #stress
Darkness in the heart,no slit of light to get out and heart only aches with the unaccomplished desires.This is when we come across the heartbreaking trauma called ‘DEPRESSION’.
Everyone faces depression at some stage of life.It can be seen in younger as well as the eldest.A scrotching trauma that wrenches a person in-to-out.It can be due to pressure of work,love,relationship,expectations from people around or fear from any person or thing.
It’s the darkest of traumas that makes a person forget who he is,what are his ambitions,his desires.He just only remembers his pain,and the failure he received and this makes him hate himself more.The more he thinks the more he is hurt and the more he is hurt,the more he gets involved in his depressed emotions.He thinks himself as useless and does not feel like sharing his inner self with the outside world.
Dealing with depression is not easy and the person who is trying to heal the depressed one,its not an easy task for him too.You have to treat the person just like your little baby who needs to be pampered and give love he has been wanting.Love and communication is all a person needs to boost his stress.
A beautiful smile on the face and care are all the traits to heal depression.
So never lose hope,be optimistic whatever the situation might be.
Because depression is the worst disease of all it can eat you up from inside.So just smile at depression and throw it away.



She moves her body like flames,the fire burning  her within.

The fire turning her down,of the scars she had been hiding.

He moved her closer,intensifying het fears to help her breathe in the air of love once again.

She was dying every moment seeing the scars inbuilt.

He came then to lighten her world,slowly step by step towards her.

He kissed her wounds that had cut deeper,the ointments of his love, dressings of care and affection pouring into her soul.

Soon, she became the beautiful injury his heart yawned for.

She became the queen and her king faded the scars with immense love.