When you fall in love,y ou drive into extended pool which is endless.A mutual understanding,a decision taken by both the sides.Losing virginity is not the trait of being characterless for a girl and being manly for a guy.
It’s a feeling that comes amid two of fulfilling the two hearts and of oneness.
There are people who judge these feelings with respect to qualities and physical traits of a person.I f she lost her virginity it does not mean she is desperate,slut, a whore and likes to do this.It means she is indeed a lady filled with soft corner,f filled with love for someone.I immense love for someone she wanted to spend her life with,the one whom she considered her soulmate.
Now,if she is not with the one whom she thought as her soulmate doesn’t define her character.Maybe something happened that didn’t let the things work out,m maybe she was in love with a person deeply who fell out of love,maybe she wanted to save her relationship by keeping him closer.
If a guy has rhe right to lose virginity to his girlfriend then why is it not applicable on girls.G girls are not being born with a tag of being indulged into culture and values.Its the attitude they have to take up the qualities and the customs to take up that aee taught to them.
There are guys who get physical with their girlfriends but want a virgin wife.
My dear,if you think of getting a virgin wife then why can’t women desire of getting a virgin husband.
It’s time to change,change in mentality.
A change in oneself brings a change in the society.