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Darkness in the heart,no slit of light to get out and heart only aches with the unaccomplished desires.This is when we come across the heartbreaking trauma called ‘DEPRESSION’.
Everyone faces depression at some stage of life.It can be seen in younger as well as the eldest.A scrotching trauma that wrenches a person in-to-out.It can be due to pressure of work,love,relationship,expectations from people around or fear from any person or thing.
It’s the darkest of traumas that makes a person forget who he is,what are his ambitions,his desires.He just only remembers his pain,and the failure he received and this makes him hate himself more.The more he thinks the more he is hurt and the more he is hurt,the more he gets involved in his depressed emotions.He thinks himself as useless and does not feel like sharing his inner self with the outside world.
Dealing with depression is not easy and the person who is trying to heal the depressed one,its not an easy task for him too.You have to treat the person just like your little baby who needs to be pampered and give love he has been wanting.Love and communication is all a person needs to boost his stress.
A beautiful smile on the face and care are all the traits to heal depression.
So never lose hope,be optimistic whatever the situation might be.
Because depression is the worst disease of all it can eat you up from inside.So just smile at depression and throw it away.



She moves her body like flames,the fire burning  her within.

The fire turning her down,of the scars she had been hiding.

He moved her closer,intensifying het fears to help her breathe in the air of love once again.

She was dying every moment seeing the scars inbuilt.

He came then to lighten her world,slowly step by step towards her.

He kissed her wounds that had cut deeper,the ointments of his love, dressings of care and affection pouring into her soul.

Soon, she became the beautiful injury his heart yawned for.

She became the queen and her king faded the scars with immense love.



When you fall in love,y ou drive into extended pool which is endless.A mutual understanding,a decision taken by both the sides.Losing virginity is not the trait of being characterless for a girl and being manly for a guy.
It’s a feeling that comes amid two of fulfilling the two hearts and of oneness.
There are people who judge these feelings with respect to qualities and physical traits of a person.I f she lost her virginity it does not mean she is desperate,slut, a whore and likes to do this.It means she is indeed a lady filled with soft corner,f filled with love for someone.I immense love for someone she wanted to spend her life with,the one whom she considered her soulmate.
Now,if she is not with the one whom she thought as her soulmate doesn’t define her character.Maybe something happened that didn’t let the things work out,m maybe she was in love with a person deeply who fell out of love,maybe she wanted to save her relationship by keeping him closer.
If a guy has rhe right to lose virginity to his girlfriend then why is it not applicable on girls.G girls are not being born with a tag of being indulged into culture and values.Its the attitude they have to take up the qualities and the customs to take up that aee taught to them.
There are guys who get physical with their girlfriends but want a virgin wife.
My dear,if you think of getting a virgin wife then why can’t women desire of getting a virgin husband.
It’s time to change,change in mentality.
A change in oneself brings a change in the society.


यादों की आंधी में ऐसे खोयी हूँ
दर्द-ऐ-तन्हाइयों के गम मेङ डूबी हूँ
चाहत है बस अब किसी की
इस आंधी को पार कर आये मेरे पास
थामकर हाथ मेरा
ले जाए बादलों के पार।

A letter to the one whom I loved..

Dear love,
Every night you echo in my dreams.T he dreams that once filled in me the beauty of love have now turned me horrific.Your absence sometimes irritates me.But the truth my invoice shouts “you are always present in me”-in my sorrows,in my pain,i n my verses,in the air I breathe,t he stars I gaze.I find you moving with me every then and now.I wish you could understand the battle I find between 11p.m. to 5a.m.I wish you could understand the pain,the overflowing tears behind my smile.I wish you could understand that I wasn’t faking my emotions to you,i t was just that my emotions could weaken me in front of you.


For you it might be a hit and trial but for me it was an endless journey.Y ou kept your promise of being loyal but I failed in mine-i failed to be myself again!!You left me with some words that stabbed my soul.Y ou departed saying it could never be same again.She smiled with a heart full of burden.T he burden that broke her out in tears she wept on her lonliness,in her verses.Y ou tries to heal her wounds you gifted her so that you are never blamed for it what you did to her.The injuries you ga e were so deep.
Thanks a ton….!!
For a beautiful life longing gift I will always carry wherever I go.You always said I am beautiful but the broken pieces made me more beautiful.You said my eyes always had something to say but the tears that shed had a mystery to slay.Y ou said never to change but your love changed me and I could never be the same again.
You wanted the love to shower in my life again.A las!the love wanted was only you.Y ou wanted me to give love a second chance but stepping again in the world of love is rhe phobia you gave.
I wish I could myself,my life a second chance.I wish I could love again..!!